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Our Favorite Vendors
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After several years in the wedding industry, we've learned who are the best of the best


Port 393 is a wonderful wedding and event venue located in Holland, Michigan. In 2019, Owners Candice and Brian were unable to find a venue that met their needs. This birthed the idea to build a venue of their own! 

Port 393 is a 2-level event venue with an exceptional view of the lake, a relaxing rooftop patio, a luxurious lounge, a large event space, and an abundance of amenities for your event. 


We love working with Candice and her team because they have an intoxicating energy and make the process very easy for their clients and vendors. We look forward to a growing partnership with our favorite venue in West Michigan.

Discover more info about Port 393 on their website at

Favorite Luxury Venue: Port393, Holland MI


Barn 1888 is an incredible indoor/outdoor venue in Hopkins, Michigan. They have one of the most functional layouts with their modernized dual-level barn that accommodates for small to moderate sized weddings comfortably.

Their outdoor ceremony site, located in the back garden is a beautiful place to say your "I Do's". If weather doesn't permit an outdoor ceremonies the dining room can be arranged for ceremonies and quickly turned over for the reception afterwards.


We love working Briar Barns! It's a family ran venue and they couldn't be better people! 

Discover more info about Briar Barns on their website at

Favorite Small Barn :
Barn 1888

Black river barn.jpg

Black River Barn is a tremendous venue designed for large weddings. It has some of of the best design and amenities to serve your bridal party and guests throughout the entire day. Incredible outdoor patios with modern fire pits and their outdoor sound system make for some incredible dancing later in the reception.

Their outdoor ceremony site is surrounded by a wall of tall and beautiful trees, and their state of the art sound system makes for crystal clear audio for the "here comes the bride" song and your officiant as they speak your vows for marriage.

Black River Barn is one of our favorite venues to work at because of the stunning architecture and design. More importantly, they help a wedding run smoothly.

Discover more info about Black River Barn on their website at

Favorite Big Barn :
Black River Barn

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Tylee Shay is a photographer for the madly in love. We have constantly been impressed with her creativity and ability to capture joyous and emotional moments in a photo. While based in West Michigan, she travels all over the country freezing time for couples wanting to make a moment last forever.

A lover of ice cream cones with sprinkles and any type of wine, Tylee is by far the most personable photographer and planner (the best photographers help run the wedding day schedule) we've worked with!

Check out Tylee's website and her stunning photo galleries at

Favorite Photographer:
Tylee Shay

Leidy and Josh Photography _ Connolly Ho

Emily is a "planner-extraordinaire, visionary, dream-maker, emotional counselor, family-manager, and friend". 


Connolly House Events offers four services: wedding planning, day-of event management, design consulting, and a full wedding package.

Emily creates weddings & atmospheres where people feel celebrated, cherished, and at home.

Check out Emily's website at

Favorite Wedding Planner: Emily Salomon - Connolly House Events