Avery Echols

-Owner & Lead DJ-

I started this business after a friend asked me to be the "spotify manager" and MC for her wedding. Having so much fun doing so, I decided to invest in a small turntable and started working small jobs including high school homecomings, greek life formals, and even grand openings of smoothie stores. 

Flash forward a few years and Ace Wedding DJ's has become a full time business servicing over 250 weddings since 2018, and has become the most exciting job imaginable.

Landon Bell

-Lead DJ-

I got into music as an audio engineer at my church, mixing live worship music. After progressing with that, I started DJ'ing as an assistant for another reputable company . After numerous gigs and plenty of experience gained, I decided to join the team at Ace. I knew how much fun I had DJing events, and knew how much more fun I could have building a business with a good friend of mine.

I’m looking forward to continuing to establish Ace as a highly regarded wedding DJ company, and giving couples the best experience at their weddings.

Nate Punches

-Lead DJ-

I got into music at a young age when I started playing trumpet in band class.  As I got older I began exploring with different instruments and eventually settled with guitar. I started writing my own compositions and eventually wanted to expand my knowledge of music and curiosity lead me to DJ'ing. I started learning how to use turntables at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and I fell in love with it.


I have a passion for entertaining and I have a passion for music. DJing is just the next step in my music journey and I'm loving every second of it.  

John Ryan

-Lead DJ-

I've been a big music fan for as long as I can remember. I played in a rock bands all through high school and college and have a lot of experience performing in front of crowds. When I'm DJing im always trying to find that perfect song for the current energy on the dance floor, and making sure everyone is having a great time. 

Music can be a powerful source of excitement and I can't think of a better way celebrate two people getting married than dancing and enjoying great music together

JR Sheriff

-Lead DJ-

My love for music started the day I noticed how much it can affect an atmosphere and the moods of people. From there I began to grow this passion to the point I decided to make it a major part of my career, and I started managing sound for a few churches I attended. Now I am a college working on a degree in Audio and Visual Engineering.

Ace gave me further opportunity to grow my passion for music and I'm proud to be working with a company that emphasizes being more than just a DJ at a event, but also a helping hand to the bride, groom, and their families.

Trevor Terhaar

-Lead DJ-

Wes Echols

- Booking Coordinator & Business Strategist -

I joined the team in late 2020 to help my older brother, Avery, continue to expand Ace Wedding DJs. Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with each of our clients.

While I don't DJ, I will be the one to work with you to schedule, book, and coordinate your wedding with your lead DJ. 

Talk with me at infoandbook@aceweddingdjs.com to learn about our availability, pricing, and services!